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CNC Machining Company

CNC machining (Computer Numerical Control) is used to produce accurate, high quality machined parts with an excellent finish. NextProto has in-house CNC machining facilities so we can make your parts by cnc milling, cnc turning, EDM spark erosion, wire cutting and surface grinding. We can produce jigs and one-off prototype very fast and in low cost to save your money and time to buy cnc machined parts overseas.

CNC Machining has many advantages for rapid manufacturing and product development for designers and engineers. We have earned a lot of loyal customers from design firms, OEM manufacturers and rearch hubs.

All the CNC machined components will be created by high speed cnc machining centres by NextProto and can greatly reduce your lead times without waiting too long. CNC parts are produced directly from the designed 3d data, which means the final result will be exact the same as your design. Although there may be some radii around the sharop corners, but if that's not allowed we can do the hand trimming to remove it for plastic parts or can do the EDM for metal parts. We have multiple seats of CAD/CAM programming software at NextProto and we have hired the skilled operators and CAD/CAM programmers so everything can be done from the beginning. High quality is guaranteed at NextProto.

Once the programme is done, the parts can be created in the same way for many hours. Later on, we will do the set up for the parts on the cnc machines. For low volume manufacturing, we usually would use 2 to 3 machining centres for one part to shorten the set up and rotary time for machining. CNC turning is also used for multiple sided machining parts.

During and after cnc machining, our staff will check the dimensions and surface thoroughly to make sure the good quality of the parts. This is done stricty for small batch production run and we will do the FAI - first article inspection always. We have built up long term relationship with the biggest plastics and metals material suppliers in Dongguan so we can get the best price for you from the ground.