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CNC Machining & Cast Prototypes

Next Proto is a rapid cut cnc machine shop that can provide you the shortest lead times for CNC machined parts of Rapid Prototypes and Investment Castings.

At Next Proto, our experienced CNC engineering team are all specialists in the rapid cnc prototyping field for over 5 years. With well maintained CNC machines and facilities, we can machine any complex parts according to your 3D cad models with tight tolerances. Our standard tolerances for plastic parts is ISO DIN 2768M and for metal parts it is 2768F. You don't have to worry about the surface finish if this is required.

We are based in Dongguan, Guangdong province, where it is the manufacturing hub in southern China so it is very easily for us to get parts anodized, powder coated and chrome plated here. We have long term business relationship with the top class material supplier and anodizer in China and we also can provide investment casting parts and die casting parts in great quality but in competitie prices.

Our goal is to minimize your cost and time when you buy prototypes from China. Unlike other rapid prototyping suppliers, we are 100% owned and managed by Chinese young engineers and quality is always first. We offer 100% Chinese price and the possible shortest lead times for western customers in automotive, hand tools, medical, robotics and marine industries.

We are always putting heavy investments in inspection equipments and hiring experienced production engineers to make sure high quality of our prototypes manufacture and fast delivery times. Next Proto's extensive, modern CNC Machining facilities can make your customized prototypes fast, low cost and in real engineering grade materials. We are your best prototype manufacturer.