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CNC Machined Aluminum Prototypes

Next Proto’s in-house rapid prototyping and manufacturing facility ensures that we are responsive to your need for fast, accurate CNC machined aluminum parts. CNC milling and turning processes are ideal for runs from 1 to 100 units. 1 off prototype can be shipped in 3 days and small runs can be delivered in 2 weeks.

We combine CNC machining and investment casting techniques to produce your metal prototypes in stainless steel material.  For lost wax casting, also called investment casting or precision casting, we would firstly need to make an aluminum mould for the wax part and then use it as the wax master pattern for lost wax casting in volume. The wax prototype patterns can contain very complex undercuts and untapered walls and it is easy to allow you to test ideas when the product is still in development. Next Proto offers very cost competitive investment casting and CNC machining manufacturing services from China to global customers in automobile and hand tools industries.

CNC prototypes are usually produced from your 3D CAD data. Sometimes for simple turned parts we can create the prototypes from the 2D PDF drawings. In this way, you can have
exact control of the final part shape. We prefer STEP or IGES format 3D CAD files for CNC machining. All of our staff is your trusted QC inspector and we always pay attention to part detail. The parts are inspected throughout the production process to ensure final size is as close to your specifications as possible. Inspection report can be provided if required. After inspection, parts will be packed in good condition and ship globally via TNT or DHL. You can also use your own shipping account.


Our programming engineer can create the 3D CAD data based on your 2D drawings if you don't have it. In the meantime, we will provide your design advice, DFM, design for manufacturability to perfect your CAD models. Advanced 3D CAD modelling can also be done in-house by our experienced CAD team for you.

Simply email our sales team sales@nextproto.com at Next Proto your 3D CAD data at any stage of the design and you will receive our competitive quotation within 24 hours. You can be safe in the knowledge that the parts you receive are faithful metal versions of your idea. No matter just 1 off aluminum prototype or low to high volume production CNC machined or investment casting parts, we are glad to help.