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Prototype Precision Casting Suppliers

We work with a large Chinese investment casting foundry in Guangdong province with an in house tooling and CNC machining facilities, which includes a few 5 axis machining centers and more than one hundred 3 and 4 axis machines. All the wax tools are made rapidly within 15 days and casting samples can be completed with 20 days from order date.

All these in-house CNC and tooling capabilities in our investment casting partner can allow NextProto to give you the fastest turnaround service for investment casting parts with CNC machined requirements. NextProto's project managment team will be on-site to keep close eyes on every process of the outsourced projects.


Tooling cost for the wax is very low from our partner as we have low labor cost compared to the western companies. Most importantly, our partner has been in the lost wax casting field for over 50 years and was previously founded in Taiwan. Until now, we still get the titanium parts in Taiwan and keep all the other steel parts produced in Mainland China. Taiwanese production engineers are on-site in China to help make sure all projects are done correctly and meet our clients expectation.

Send us an email or fill out our contact form at our website www.nextproto.com to get a free quote for your next precision casting project. Our project management team is looking forward to working with you.