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China Rapid Prototyping: Next Proto Company

Next Proto is a leading CNC prototyping and rapid prototyping china company. When you need rapid prototypes, we can help you using a wide range of technologies such as 3d printing, CNC machining, Vacuum Casting to make it.We are also developing our rapid tooling and molding services and we hope we will have our injecton molding machines in-house soon later this year or next year. Currently, we outsource the rapid injection molding and rapid die casting manufacutring projects to our close partners in Zhongshan and our price is also very good.


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At NextProto, we have skilled model makers and machinists to make sure excellent quality and on-time delivery on each projects. All parts will be inspected by our QC department and CMM is used for complex shape parts. For plastic injection molding project, DFM will be provided during quotation approval phase or before production. This can also make sure final parts are to specs.

Our services are not limited to CNC prototyping and rapid tooling, we also provide premium quality rapid sheet metal parts, low to high volume investment casting and more. Come to NextProto to have all your parts made is a good way to save time and cost.