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China Prototype Lost Wax Casting

Next Proto can produce metal castings from small to very large size parts in volume production. Our typical dimensional accuracy is +/-.1mm when required, finer tolerances can be achieved by secondary CNC milling. Our precision casting experts can assist you though quoting, production, inspection and shipping. We have the experience to do the DFM, aluminium mould tool making, wax casting, prototype patterns making and casting process and can do the secondary operations, such as OES material testing, PVD plating or coating, sand blasting, heat treat and assembly. Our team is proactive in mechnical engineering to assist you to perfect your product design.


We are committed to excellence and has the capability to produce the prototypes you need from just a few hundreds parts to 100000+ parts. Our commitment to quality and on-time delivery has made us a leading supplier in the investment casting industry. We offer very competitive pricing. By providing castings to accurate shape, we can eliminate most, if not all secondary machining operations. This will save you a lot of money for post machining.

We partner with the leading foundry for investment castings in China. This allows us to build and create custom, precision lost wax investment casting parts that fit your specifications. All of our parts are made in mainland China and titanium cast parts made in Taiwan and can be shipped to anywhere in the world. Our services include OES material testing, heat treatments, PVD plating or coating etcs. We can offer materials like stainless steel 303, 420, 430, 440 and 17-4 PH, mild steel and titanium alloys. We strive to provide the shortest lead time in our industry. Contact Nextproto today and let us handle your lost wax investment casting project