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Industrial Prototyping & Rapid Tooling

NextProto serves customers in Rapid Prototyping and Prototype Rapid Tooling Services from China. Our clients are from defense, aerospace, medical, automotive and consumer goods industries. Our professional team of engineer has experience from pre-production models to small batch production in any kinds of plastics and metals. CNC parts can be made with tight tolerances, living hinges, and can be painted in multi-color surface finish according to RAL or PANTONE references. Come to NextProto for your rapid prototyping and prototype tooling is the best choice for you. We can help you get products to marketplace fast.

Rapid prototyping is a short production run method used for making parts (we call them rapid prototypes). In NextProto, we have various techniques for rapid prototype parts. Addititve manufacturing in SLA, SLS, DMLS is the quickest way for short term prototype making. The finished product can be used by the end user directly. Additive manufacturing is also called rapid manufacturing in China. NextProto offers premium SLA prototypes in low cost.

CNC Machining is also a main method of rapid prototyping in China. We have plenty of CNC milling and turning machines in our factory. We are a professional Chinese supplier and manufacturer for CNC machined parts in prototype making and small batch production machining. Our company specializes in making tight tolerances parts with complex shapes and geometry, deep drilling holes, EDM wire cutting parts in the lowest prices. Parts can be done in very short lead time and delivered anywhere on the planet.


Prototype tooling, also called rapid tooling or rapid moulds in China, is one of our key services. We offer plastic injection moldings and tooling, molds for die casting and cast aluminum parts, extrusion dies and investment casting wax tools in aluminium alloy materials. Parts made in NextProto have the high quality surface finish like real market products for mass production run. We help clients to modify designs to aid manufacture and provide suggestions to improve design and better usage. Rapid tooling service in NextProto China is very cost competitive and quick.

Contact sales@nextproto.com today for a quote on rapid tooling & rapid prototyping and our team in China will respond to your request within 24 hours.