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Unique CNC Machining Services

Next Proto offers high quality CNC machined parts in China. We have plenty of CNC machining centers which can make sure you have your parts fast and cheap. As a western customer, you may usually be suggested to get a quote from local prototypers for your plastic prototypes using 3D printing (SLA, SLS) or DMLS for your metal parts. 3D printing is the advanced new technology for fast, complex shapes prototypes. Once you send your 3D CAD data, they can make your parts overnight without compromising on designs as this process has no limits on complex features. Its advantage is fast!

Compared to conventional manufacturing process, it has greatly shorten the lead time for prototype testing for designers and is really helpful for artists. Some of the Art works are in very abstract shapes so 3D Printing can "print out" whatever it is. Now you may think we can produce anything we want by 3D Printing. Well, the answer is "No". It seems for 3D Printing there's no limits but actually there is. For some large parts, we can not use 3D Printing as the 3D Printer we have now is not big enough. For some materials you require, they are still not available for 3D Printing.

You can only have simulant materials for your intended purpose, in other words you are getting "ABS simulant" from SLA, "Nylon simulant" from SLS, "Aluminum 6061" or "stainless steel 304" similar from DMLS. These similar materials are not good for your test to see how the parts will work as production parts, because their properties and characteristics are far away from real materials. Also, when your parts are heavy then the price for 3D Printing is very high.

In China, our advantage is very low labour cost. Conventional CNC machining process in real materials is the best option for you to make your functional prototypes and mock-up models. There're almost all the real materials in block or bar shapes for milling and turning, you can choose anyone of them so that you don't have to worry about the material properties. They will be the same as your final production parts. We can apply varous post surface treatment to the machined parts, such as sanding smooth, texture, painting matt, satin, glossy, polished clear, anodizing, powder coating, chrome plating, nickel plating, PTFE coating and so on. We can offer the production part standard finish for prototype parts.

For some large plastic parts in ABS or PC/PMMA material, we can section it and glue the pieces back after CNC machining. For metal parts, we can do the laser welding to bond the parts together. CNC machining can be also used for post machining for plastic injection molded parts and pressure die casted parts. Moreover, sometimes when you need critical dimensions for the 3D Printed parts then we can do the machining to it in order to get perfect surface or reamed holes, threads etc. The surface of CNC machined parts is much better and smoother than 3D Printed prototypes. Today, the price for CNC machined parts from Next Proto is normally 50% lower than 3D printed prototypes but in better quality.