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See More Plastic Parts
Nextproto have techniques to make your plastic parts come to life with real production finish. Our processes include CNC Milling, Vacuum Casting, SLA, SLS and Rapid Injection Moldings.

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Check out some of our latest plastic prototype projects below.

Parts can be machined in PP, ABS, PMMA, POM, PC, PEEK and Ultem or any other hard engineering plastics. Soft rubber parts can be produced by silicone or compress moulds.

Vacuum Casting and SLA, SLS Prototypes are available with various post surface finishes such as high gloss painting, silk printing and beadblasting.

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CNC Milling in Nylon, Silicone Molded Rubber Prototypes, Silkscreen Printing, High Gloss painting, Rapid Tooling Injection Molded Parts

ABS Rapid Prototype
Process: CNC Machining     Material: ABS     Surface: Polished Smooth
Lead Time: 4 days     Part Size: 65x40x40mm     Part Unit Price: US$35
This part is used for water entertainment industry. There are no sections and the part is made as one single piece.
After CNC milling, our model maker do a nice work on the surface polishing.
4 calendar days is used for this project from order receipt to shipment.