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Basic Knowledge About Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

Today NextProto, the most professional rapid prototyping company in China, would like to introduce the basic knowledge about Selective Laser Sintering (SLS).

Rapid Prototyping

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)is to pre-laid a layer of powder material (metal or non-metallic powder) on the table, and let the laser under the computer control sinter the solid part of the powder in accordance with the interface profile information. Mold layer by layer, over and over. SLS has simple manufacturing process, wide range of material selection, low cost and fast molding speed, and is mainly used for directly making rapid molds in the foundry industry. 

SLS Composition:

1. Powder roller: laid a layer of powder material on the upper surface of the formed part and heated to a temperature just below the sintering point of the powder

2. Control system: control the laser beam to scan on the powder layer in accordance with the cross-sectional profile of the layer;

3. Laser: raise the temperature of the powder to the melting point, sintered and bonded to the already formed part;

4. Table: support molding parts. When the entity completes to mold and is fully cooled, the powder block rose to its original position, remove it to the post-processing table, brush the surface powder, exposing the workpiece, the rest of the powder can be removed by compressed air. 

SLS Raw Materials:

Paraffin, polycarbonate, nylon, slender nylon, synthetic nylon, metal 

SLS Features:

1. A variety of materials can be used

2. Manufacturing process is relatively simple

3. High precision

4. No need supporting structure

5. Material utilization is high 

SLS Shortcomings:

1. Surface roughness

2. Sintering process volatile odor

3. Complex auxiliary processes are sometimes required 

SLS Related Parameters:

1. Laser power

2. Scanning speed

3. Sintering spacing

4. Single layer thickness 

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