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•50 to 10,000+ Parts in Aluminium Alloys

•Low to High Volume Extruded Parts

•6000 Series Aluminium Alloys Available

•Competitive Price for Extrusion Prototyping

•Various Post Finishing Options

Aluminum Extrusion

NextProto offers aluminium extrusion manufacturing services for low volume production. We are also happy 
to help with 1 off extruded prototype if required.

Low Quantity Job Is Accepted
We provide aluminum extrusion service and our price is highly competitive for 1 off to 100+ parts. The aluminium extrusion profiles will be made through a custom made die. The extrusion die is made by EDM wire cutting process. Once the die is produced, the only costs for the extruded parts are the material and labor. As we are based in China and our extrusion manufacturing partner has been in this filed for over 20 years, so you can get a great price and the highest quality from us.


6000 and 7000 Series Aluminium Alloy for Extruding
Available aluminum alloys for extruding are 6063, 6082, 6061 and 6463 etc. Complex shapes can be achieved.

In some cases, EDM wire cutting and CNC milling processes can make aluminum profiles with reamed holes, threads. Our aluminium heatsinks and tube prototypes are similar to the parts that produced by extruding. A wide range of surface treatment can be added to the parts to achieve your final products.

Low Cost Extrusion Wire Cut Die/Mold
Typical mould tool price for a 30x25x20cm part is only USD 499. We can help to cut the profiles in specific length. Reamed holes, threads and mill shape can be added to the profiles by our CNC milling department. 

We can provide anodizing and many other surface treatment to the extruded parts. Various anodizingcolours such as clear, black, blue, green and grey are available. NextProto has a good business relationship with some

 of the best aluminum extrusion manufacturers in China and we aim to offer you the best quality aluminium extruded parts in an affordable price.