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Aluminium Extruding Prototypes

Aluminum extrusion is one of our techniques used to manufacture prototypes and volume aluminium profiles with machining or EDM features. NextProto works with some of the best and reliable aluminium extruding suppliers in China. Secondary operations such as CNC machining and EDM process to the extruded aluminum profiles are processed at Nextproto or outsourced.

People use this manufacturing process to make metal bar and tube, heat sinks or profiles for CNC machining in high volume production parts. The main advantage of extruded aluminum prototypes is its ability to create very complex cross-sections. All parts done by us will have an excellent surface finish.

Our extrusion process can be done with various hot aluminum materials. Commonly extruded materials at Next Proto include different grades of aluminum in 6063, 6364, 6061 and 6082. We have made many different kinds of aluminium heat sinks via extrusion process. Secondary operations such as CNC milling and turning are often used to create precision ream holes, threaded holes or critical features and smoother surfaces.


Tips: Hollow cavities within extruded material cannot be produced using a simple flat extrusion die, because there would be no way to support the center barrier of the die. Instead, the die assumes the shape of a block with depth, beginning first with a shape profile that supports the center section. The die shape then internally changes along its length into the final shape, with the suspended center pieces supported from the back of the die. The material flows around the supports and fuses together to create the desired closed shape.

Our strict quality system can help to avoid surface cracking, internal cracking and surface lines. We can take very good control on the extrusion temperature, speed and friction so that we can make sure the good quality of the extruded aluminum prototypes. Contact Next Proto customer service team today and we will be more than happy to give you the advice on manufacturing your extruded parts.