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ABS Models

ABS is the most commonly used material in rapid prototyping industry. Next Proto China offers premium ABS prototypes.

ABS is a kind of high strength, easy processing and molding thermoplastic polymer materials. Due to its high strength, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, good for painting and coloring, electroplating, metal welding, hot pressing, and adhesive and other secondary processing,  ABS has been widely used in machinery, automobile, electronic appliances, instruments and meters, textile and construction and other industrial areas. ABS is a very versatile thermoplastic engineering plastic, is often used to make plastic shell of the instrument and equipment.

ABS sheet usually have two kinds of colors, yellowish and black. Its density is about 1.04 ~ 1.06 g/cm3. Its resistance to acid, alkali, salt corrosion ability is strong, also can dissolve in organic solvents to some extent tolerance. ABS resin can perform perfectly under environment of 25
~ 70 , and have a very good formability. The surface of machined ABS prototype can be very smooth after polished. We can then apply painting and electroplating, such as bright chrome plating to it. A lot of customers from home appliances, design and engineering, and toys companies have come to Next Proto to buy ABS rapid prototypes. Next Proto also offers flame retardant ABS if it is required. The color is white.


Properties of ABS models:
1. ABS prototype can resist 1.0 Mpa under 20 degree C in room temperature
2. Good impact resistance: patience deformation occurs only when all of a sudden attacks.
3. Safe, non-toxic, tasteless, completely conforms to the pharmaceutical, food and other professional cleaning and security requirements.
4. ABS model works well from low temperature -25
to high temperature +70 .
5. Long use life: the ABS parts can be in good condition for 50 years in room temperature. It can be buried in the ground with water for a very long time without significant corrosion.
6. Light weight and inexpensive: the weight of the ABS is 1/7 of the steel, thus reduced the labor intensity of workers, and reduce the cost of raw materials, can greatly save the project investment.

ABS is easy to glue. It can be mirror polished for painting and bright chrome plating. Contact Next Proto China today and let us handle your ABS machined rapid prototypes