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2020 Latest SEO Ideas of Google Ads for Sheet Metal Prototyping

Sheet Metal PrototypingNextproto offers excellent quality sheet metal stamping and laser cutting prototypes. Our services include laser cutting, stamping and bending. We can install thread inserts according to your specification. Whatever your sheet metal prototyping needs are, we are the people that can help you achieve your goals, in a timely and cost effective manner. Nextproto’s custom rapid sheet metal prototyping services offer a fast and cost-effective solution for your projects. Services including bending, punching, cutting standard gauge metal for both prototypes and low volume production runs. Sheet metal fabrication produces durable, end-use metal parts with a wide selection of materials and finishes that meet your specifications, for a variety of industries like: Automotive, Medical device, Aerospace, electronics, energy and robotics. Nextproto improve your speed to market with our premium rapid sheet metal prototyping services.  


Today Nextproto would like to share some SEO ideas of Google AdWords for “Sheet Metal Prototyping” with you, please see the chart below:

Sheet Metal Prototyping

See from the chart, we can know that this keyword is anot easy for SEO. The reasons are the following:

1. the Avg. monthly searches are more than 300,

2. the Competition of the keyword is quite high,

3. the Suggested Bid is not expensive, which is close to $10,

4. the search results of the keyword ismore than 10,000,000. The more results, the more difficulties.  


Thus, we estimated that the keyword “sheet metal prototyping” SEO difficulty should be around 75%.