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Top 3 Prototypes Application in Rapid Prototyping Company

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Rapid prototyping has made greatachievements through years of development. Nextproto Manufacturing Limited is a rapid prototyping and prototype manufacturing services company in China. Here introduces the top 3 prototypes application in rapid prototyping company Nextproto.

CNC Machined Prototypes

CNC Machined Prototypes are available in a wide range of hard plastics and metals. Using this technology, we can produce your prototypes out of the real material rather than a simulant. CNC Prototyping is one of our major services in Nextproto China. The most commonly machined materials in NextProto are ABS, PMMA, Nylon, Delrin, aluminum 6061 T6 and 7075 T6, titanium alloy, brass and steel. Tight tolerances can be achieved by precision CNC machining.


Polyurethane Castings (Vacuum Castings)

Products made by polyurethane castingslook almost the same as real injection molded parts. This process is the ideal option for small batches customized plastic parts. It involves first making a master model via SLA or CNC, then creating a silicone mold around the part to produce multiple identical polyurethane prototypes. The tool life of the silicone mould is around 15 shots. CNC machining is the chosen process if the master pattern is bulky or thick, or vacuum castings must have an excellent high gloss finish.


3D Printed Rapid Prototypes

3D printed prototypes are ideal for manufacturing very thin walled and small complex prototypes. If speed is a critical factor, then 3D printing is the best way to go. We provide SLA and SLS prototypes in a variety of plastic materials. SLA prototyping is a fast way to produce ABS-like prototypes.  NextProto specialize in delivering accurate SLA and SLS rapid prototypes.

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