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Top 5 Customer Inquiries about Nextproto Rapid Prototyping

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Here are the top 5 customer inquiries about Nextproto rapid prototyping company in Nov, 2016:




2016-11-23 14:54:27

Hi, I ask CNC machining for attached part. Material Aluminium 7075. Can you give price for 10 and 50 peaces please? J****




F**** J****

2016-11-23 09:15:16

Prototype of new hop unit system





2016-11-18 13:21:01

3 parts in aluminium. 3 defrent threds tolerance 0,001"




B**** V**** D**** B****

2016-11-09 02:15:15

Hi, how much does it cost to make 2 x CNC part in steel that can be attracted by magnet? Attachment in mm. Thanks, Bram.




L**** K**** S****

2016-11-07 10:19:03

I am a designer planning on creating my own line of dinnerware. At the moment, I am checking how much it will cost to create the mold by CNC-machining. I know that the attached model would be best to produce by turning, but I would like to receive a quote based on milling. So that I do not need to depend on the circular shape. I need a quote for one piece.