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Top Advantages of Rapid Prototyping Company

rapid prototyping company

Rapid prototyping technology can be traced back to 1979 by a Japanese professor. And the first rapid prototyping equipment was produced by an American company, through years of development, it was popularized in 1994. In fact, this was the first time that people can produce products without the help of cutters. It is obvious that rapid prototyping company with such technology has great advantages over other ordinary manufacturing company.

It is easy to manufacture components in many different shapes such as grooves, convex shoulder and hollow parts. It has helped reduce a lot on development cost and development cycle. Any product will have repeated experiments before it is official launched. Rapid prototyping technology can help solve many technical problems which have confused us for a long time.

It is a kind of processing method without touching, people don’t need to worry the tool wear. And it has no vibration, noise and cutting waste. It obeys the rule of automatic production. It can work even in the night without real time monitoring by any staff.

The rapid prototyping has enjoyed its wide application in many fields such as automotive, medical and many other industries. So far, there are more than 10 rapid prototyping technologies in the world. It is the also initial stage for the application of rapid prototyping technology. We believe that rapid prototyping technology will show more advantages in the future, and the rapid prototyping company with such advanced technology will be the main stream.